Thursday, February 12, 2015

January 26, 2015

Well, we had a good week! We were just setting everything up for Amanda's baptism! Super exciting :) We're having a joint baptism with the Elders AND Amanda's niece which is in Abingdon! so the Stake has to lead the baptism! triple baptism. Super crazy! Never done this before :) haha.

And Kathy and Alex, our awesome investigators came to church yesterday!!!!!!!! They are sooo awesome :) ahhh! We are excited for them! We know they will get baptized soon :)

So I get a phone call from a private number and I was like okay, well I’ll answer it…. and it was my mom!!! And I was like ummm what? Why is she calling me? She got permission from the Griffins and my mom is engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was freaking out!  haha. Oh dear...I’m super excited for my mom but I haven't met him yet! Which is so funny :) but I hear he's a great guy! So I’m super happy for my mom :)

Awkward story moment: we were serving dinner at Salvation Army and I always hand them their tray and say thank you! So this guy was singing, and he was singing I’m in love with a stripper!! And then right after I said thank you!......Super. Awkward. It was hilarious though.

Other than that we had a great week! We had Zone Meeting and I love hearing from President Griffin! He's the best!!! I love him. He inspires me to do better and be a better person! We seriously have the best mission ever!!

I have a month left....everyone is saying how excited they are for me to come home and I’m a wreck...ahh! I’m not ready to come home! I have to face life :) haha ahhh! jk I’m ready to come home but not...ahhh. such mixed feelings about it! But it's cool :)

our cute little district :) this was last transfer so we have 2 new people but I loved this district so much! we had the best people :)

sometimes I like to be a Hippie

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