Thursday, February 5, 2015

December 8, 2014

So my week was great! My new companion (little greenie)/ Trainee is Sister Gifford! She is from Mesa, AZ and she is AWESOME! She's 19 and fresh from the MTC! crazy crazy crazy!! We are already having so much fun together! It's been a blast!! I miss Sister Orton, though! She's amazing! Heavenly Father has seriously blessed me with so many good companions!! It's crazy. 

But this week we were over at Paul and Terry's house and we're still teaching Terry. Her progress is slow, but that is okay! We still love her and I know she'll get there one day :) and Paul made the funniest joke ever. So we were talking about feasting on the words of Christ and he said yes, we should feast on golden plates! ha! I’ve just never heard that before. I thought it was hilarious. So sometimes Missionaries think jokes are funny...but really they are only funny to missionaries...haha. it's fine :) I thought it was funny.

Then we taught a new investigator, Phil, this week and he is Duck Dynasty. Honestly though. He has a long beard was ALL stuck on the Bible and how the Bible is the only book of God. Oh man, how I love being a missionary in the south :) It's the best. 

We also have gotten this initiative to spread He is the Gift! If you haven't watched this video…. go watch it right now at :) haha. It's soooo good! And we have to pass out 10 pass-along cards each day and try to spread this video and tell people that Christ is the Gift of this season!! It's been pretty fun :)

Well I’ve been quite nervous to train for a while now, and now it's come! But it's easier than I thought, but harder too. I have the best trainee a trainer could ask for! She's sooo awesome :) I love her already :) It's great.

I love you and miss you so much!!
love always,
Sister Burr

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