Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 9, 2015

I honestly can't wait to come home and see y'all!! It will be so great!
I'm so happy for Carson!! He's getting so big and I can't believe he has the priesthood and he gets to pass the sacrament :) I'm so happy for him!!!

Well this week was a good one! It was a normal week, not much happened. We made good progress with our investigators Kathy and Alex. They are so awesome! We love them to death! And we just had a good week! Amanda is doing well and the other recent converts are doing good. 
This week was my last district meeting and it was a great meeting but I was brought to tears at the end. I was literally bawling my eyes out. I have a wonderful district and a wonderful district leader! He give the best trainings ever!!! I am so blessed!
The work here in Bristol is great! I don't ever want to leave! This place is truly a 2nd home to me. But again, I'm excited to come home. It's been a roller coaster of a week, just with my emotions, but i'm doing fine. Just struggling a little bit. I honestly wish I could do this longer, because out here, life is simple. All I have to worry about is the gospel, I don't need to worry about rent, car insurance, gas for the car, school, money (hardly haha).... all I have to worry about is food and the gospel. What better life is there? haha  I love being a missionary SO much. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I am excited to get back into my life though and see those I love whom I haven't seen in so long. It will be so good. My heart will definitely be left here in Tennessee and to those whom I have grown close with and those who I have taught. This gospel is truly the best thing I have in my life. It has shaped me to be a completely different person and a better person at that. I would never be where I am today if it wasn't for my mission. I can't even being to explain all the wonderful things that have happened over the course of 18 months. It simply just can't be explained, except for my testimony that God knows us and loves us personally. Life is meant to be miraculous; and by God, all things are possible. (Mark 10:27)
I love you and miss you so much. Can't wait to see you soon :)
Love always,
Sister Burr
Elder Sorensen, me and Sister Gifford and Elder Boore at the bottom.
these kids are crazy! love them though!

We had the best burgers at Dan's yesterday!
he's famous for these :) haha.

Sis. Husted came on a power-up with us and we ate at Dan RonQuillos! they are the best :)

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