Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September 29, 2014

Yeah so our week was great! We had a baptism!!!!! Bobby got baptized :) he is soo awesome!! So Rick got baptized at the end of July and he baptized Bobby!! Soo cool right? yeah he's awesome :) It was a great baptism! and he just loves the gospel and he's legit! he said to us, "i just don't want to sin anymore. I don't want to do anything that will break my faith!" he's so awesome :) when he was confirmed, the spirit was SO strong! it was so awesome!

Sister Merrell, Bobby, Rick, and me

Other than that, we had a great week! We watched Meet the Mormons!.... the new movie coming out, as a mission! It's soo good! I recommend it :) It's awesome!

But yeah everything is going great here. I love it! I love being a missionary. It's the best!
Everything is going well. Companion: great. mission: great. nothing else to really say. I'm having a great time.
I'm SO excited for General Conference! I live for it! seriously. It's like Christmas :) haha. 

Love always,
Sister Burr :)

zone meeting :) our ride down! so much fun

Ron Miller (member from Kingsport ward) Bobby and Rick :)

we went on a hike! Sister Weight, Sister Button, me and Sister Merrell

we have fun!

we have fun!

we have matching shirts!

September 22, 2014

This week was a little crazy because we were contacting the rest of our referrals from the Appalachian Fair and we also had a park day, so we have been finding new people to teach!

Bobby is set for baptism this next Saturday!! We are SO excited! He as a real love for the Savior and wants to be better :)

Sister Merrell and I are doing great. She is a wonderful person and I'm so grateful I am her companion. We are working on being more unified and me taking more of a charge (something I've been working on my whole mission)

I have a strong desire to become better and change from old ways and become a new person, a better person and blah blah blah and all that boring stuff of being a missionary :)

Just wanted to let all y'all know, being a missionary is hard, but it's the best :) It's not always roses and butterflies. But it's the best :) hahaha honestly though.

We had stake conference this week and I was able to see Chelsea and Jody Lewis and Mary Kirby :) All of my cute little recent converts!! it was SO good to see them and see so many people from Powell Valley, my stomping grounds! I love them all so much! it was soo good to see them :)

We had an AMAZING mission president, President Griffin. He is AMAZING! he is so inspired, a GREAT speaker and he really lets us know and feel loved and cared about! He is called of God fo sho!!!

Love always,
Sister Burr

we took pictures by the lake :)

Sis. Merrell's party with Don Mencl. he's awesome :) we love him!

This was Sis. Merrell's bday cake and she wrote a threat on it at church it says:
this belongs to Sis. Merrell. she is 1900 miles away from home on her birthday, so the Christlike thing to do would be to not eat it. WWJD THX. hahaha we were dying laughing. so funny

me and Sister Brown! she's so awesome :) i love her!

This is Rick Cunningham. he got baptized right before i got here. he's SO funny! I love Rick :) and this is him when he was young. he's so funny :)

Chelsea and Jody!!!!! i was soo happy to see them :)

more pictures by a lake :) I love being a missionary!

we took pictures by the lake :)

September 15, 2014

Well this week was good. Same old stuff. We had Bobby and Debbie our best investigators come to church! and they are doing well :)  Bobby is still on for Sept. 27! He's doing so great! he's awesome! 

We got a lot of referrals for a fair and the church had a booth and they filled out a survey and asked if they would want to learn more! and we got 40 referrals! No we've been busy contacting people and trying to find new people to teach! We have had success! So we have lots of potentials!! Which is so great :) We have LOTS of people we're teaching! it's really awesome. we're just trying to help resolve their concerns and help them toward baptism! we had 3 investigators and church yesterday! and it was really awesome!

Other than that, I'm staying in Bristol with Sis. Merrell for another transfer! So excited! I love her to death! She's awesome. I plan on staying here until Thanksgiving! so we'll see! Sister Merrell and I are doing great! I love her so much! I'm excited to serve another transfer with her! She's wonderful. and hilarious, so we have good times, but we are busy doing the work! 

I'm loving life! All is well :) Sorry, no funny stories this week or anything, but the cool thing is that our mission did a mission wide fast this past fast Sunday to find those who are searching for the truth and it was a very powerful fast for me, lots of prayers answered and I know with surety that God is on my side, He's there leading me on. I love the Lord! :)

I'm doing good. I just have such a desire become better, Ever since I've been in Bristol, I feel like the Lord is constantly trying to teach me something, and humble me. I've learned a lot being here and it makes me want to do better. I want to be a stronger leader and constantly find more of the Lord's work to do! I don't have much time left on my mission and I want to serve diligently until the end! I love being a missionary more than anything, even though it's the hardest thing I've ever done! it's the best thing I've ever done.

We had a team-up (where a member comes out with us to see an investigator) and he shared an interesting story which touched me. But you hear stuff like this all the time but, he said that when he was 20, he was just in a place in his life where it felt like a stand still and he just felt an impression to go to a Mormon church. And he did. He didn't know why he was there. He had missed the service and it was all locked up, but he saw 2 missionaries in the building. The missionaries came out and asked if there was anything they could do to help him. and he said, I don't know why I'm here, but I just felt like I needed to come here. I don't know how you can help me. (if only every one just came up to us, that would be nice :) haha) and the missionaries started teaching him and he's been member for 25+ years now. And it just hit me. There ARE people prepared out here. There are. Sometimes we don't see the reason for our situation or why we are at a place in our life and our circumstances, but the Lord knows all things and he has a plan for each one of us, individually. He loves us. Sometimes we forget that. I know I have. But he does, always. He is there to strengthen us. I love the Lord and I love his work!

But yeah, I'm great! I hope you have a great week. I miss you and love you SOOOO much!!

Love always,
Sister Burr

September 2, 2014

I'm so excited for Darren! he's going to do so great! (Sis Burr's cousin was called to the Argentina, Nequen mission)

Our week was good!

We have Bobby set for baptism Sept. 27 and possibly his brother David!! :) and Andrew has been sketchy we're not sure what's going on with that!  We're still gonna work with him though!

We got a new investigator, Brandon P, and he's awesome! 

Great things are happening here in Bristol!

Although we had success this week, it was a really, really huge learning week for me. It was a real chance for me to grow and learn and how to become better. The Lord definitely turns our weaknesses into strengths! That is for sure!

But we had a great week!

We went Biking in Abingdon, VA for pday yesterday and it was SO fun!!! I loved it! We had tons of fun! I hope you had a fun Labor Day weekend! We rented was so great.

Transfers are next week! I can't even believe it! it went by so fast! So I have no idea if Sis. Merrell is staying or not, we have no idea! I hope she stays! I love her! but I'm most positive i'll stay!

Other than that, we're just going along! Spreading the good news :)

I love you and miss you soooo much!

Love always,
Sister Burr

August 25, 2014

So, this week was crazy. It was a good week. We had a park day so we were walking everywhere. It was fun.
This week was race weekend at the Bristol Speedway and it was crazy!! there were thousands and thousands of people everywhere!!! There was this drunk guy wearing nothing but Confederate flag boxer shorts and he was barking at a dog. It was hilarious.

There was a parade one night and we couldn't get back to our apartment and we were late getting in because of a lesson and there were soo many semi's bringing the race cars in! So funny.

We taught Bobby and Andrew, our investigators, the Plan of Salvation and they both came to church! Andrew has a baptism date for Sept. 13 and he's solid!  Bobby wants to get baptized, too, but we tried to set a date with him and he just said he has tons of things to get through, but he wants to get baptized!

So we took this awesome hilarious old man in our ward, Bro. Craft, with us on a team up and he was hilarious. Best team up of my life.

We went to Stake Women's Conference on Saturday!! I saw tons of people from Powell Valley and I was soo happy!! I didn't get to see Chelsea, one of my converts, but I saw lots of other people I loved and it was so great!!!

I love you and miss y'all soooo much!!!!! I'm glad all is well! I love you!
Love always,
Sister Burr

Me and Sis. Allred! 

Me and Linda Allen


August 18, 2014

This week was so great!! We set a baptismal date with our investigator Andrew for Sept 13!! So great.
And we had 3 investigators at church yesterday!!! SO awesome!!! Travis and Katie and then Bobby whom we met this past week and taught the Restoration and then he came!! Ah, so great!! We had a great week this week!
But that is just the jist of it! Everything else is going well :) I have nothing to complain about! I'm doing fine!
I love and miss y'all so much!
Love always,
Sister Burr

Jeremy and Shalene Beyer. 2 of my most favorite people in Rockwood.
They are amazing people. I love them to death!

We are great :)

Beyer family :)

This picture describes the times we have at the Beyers.
hilarious, fun times :)

Me and Jeannie Hill :) i love her so much!

Bro. Williams. we had to take separate pictures because of work schedules and such. he's so awesome! Reminds me of my dad!

Sis. Crapo and I :) I love her so much!

Travis, Rick, me, Clancy :)
I love these people more than life! they are amazing! :)

the gang reunited at transfer meeting :)
Elder Waring and Elder Crowell!

Me and Sister Turner!!! I love her to death!!! she's so wonderful :)

Sis. Benge and I. I love her :) we came out on our missions together!

Sis. Merrell and I.
She silly stringed me :) haha

Sis. Merrell and I. she's so great!

Me and George Fox :)

The Woods family. They are my favorite! I love them so much :)

The Mitchells. they are so wonderful :) i love them! another favorite family :)

me holding a chicken!

still trying to hold it!

Sis. Crapo. She's so great. I love her :)

The Watkins. They are so great! I love them!

The Critchley's! Another favorite :) I love them!

Sister Kelly. I love her to death. I admire her so much. She's such a wonderful person :)

Sister Kelly and Miss Dian Sutton.
I love these people to death. They are so amazing!

Jerry! he works for the Railroad and is Sis. Kelly's brother.
he's glowing!

Sis. Williams. She's so great! Love her too :)