Friday, October 4, 2013

My Mission Isn't About Me....

Sister Burr and Elder Burr - two cousins in the MTC together.
How awesome is that???

Hey ya'll!

I absolutely love those pictures you sent me. I miss you guys so much, I can't even explain to you how much I do. And I love you guys so so so so much!
Well, my week has been rather boring, I just do the same stuff every day.  Teach people about Jesus. We got some new investigators this week. We have a baptism! October 13. So that's cool, right? haha yeah. She was gonna get married to a guy named Bill who is a member, then get baptized the week after, but they broke up a day before the that was awkward. So we were like...did we just lose our baptism? But, she really loves the church still and so we had a new date for her. Then we're getting close with a couple other people.  So hopefully we commit them for baptism this week.  We haven't met with Noah since like 2 or 3 weeks ago...he is just always working and we're like dude! you are ready to be baptized...we haven't committed him yet, but he is so close. Other than that, I just play the piano during church and call people and remind them to read their scriptures.  There is this one guy, Bro Hamilton. He's not a member, and he's like 68? and he is like one of my favorite people ever.  He married his 2nd wife and she was awful to him and like abused him and his son and he like legit wanted to kill her, but then she died...and he can't forgive himself for wanting to do that.  He believes that this is the true church and everything, he loves the book of mormon, has great faith and love for God.  He said he would get baptized but he can't forgive himself. I just wanna shake him and say look! that is what the Atonement is for! so that you CAN forgive yourself! All things are made possible by Jesus Christ and His Atonement! But, he's so funny! He thinks he's the hottest guy on the planet. He has women buy him jewelry. Oh man, he's hilarious. He said Sister Cady, my companion, reminded him of the Yankees up north and he likes yankees. HA! It was SO funny. I love people here. They are funny. Other than that, It's been a boring week. We do exchanges with other Sisters for a night, so I went to Kingsport, Tennessee for a night and it was pretty fun.  I love all the people in my mission. It's been so, so, so fun.
I miss you guys so much and I love you guys even more!
Love always,
Sister Burr.

Here is something you could put on the blog. haha I don't know. I promise I'm not bored out here!! hahaha.

It's been hard being out here because I'm trying to gain more confidence in my missionary abilities, still not the strongest, but gaining strength through exact obedience, keeping FULL faith in Jesus Christ and the most important thing I have learned is the last part of our purpose; enduring to the end. It's been hard the past couple of weeks, overcoming personal challenges; learning not to be so hard on myself, telling myself that I CAN do this, to not let Satan get me down, feeling like what I'm doing just isn't enough. All of these things, I've been able to get past, or at least start to, and trying to become better. I'm FAR from perfect. I know that trusting in the Lord is of utmost importance. I can't teach with the Spirit without trusting Him. I didn't realize that it took so much to give ALL of myself to him. I want nothing else, but it is hard. I keep forgetting that my mission isn't about me though, it's about the people we teach and helping them reach salvation. I can only convert people as far as I'm converted. So, I'm working on my knowledge of the lessons and of the Book of Mormon. Because I feel like it's one of my weak points. I don't know as much as I want to, to be able to teach simply, which is the way of Christ.

My new glasses!

This is my cute district. Me and Sister Cady, Elder Friedman and Waring

Then it's Elder and Sister Miner, then Elder and Sister Wilken.

They are the best.

This his Bro. Hunsucker. He is basically one of my favorite people here. he's the EQ president. He's hilarious.

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