Monday, October 28, 2013

A Ukelele, a Commitment, and Whoopie Goldberg!

Hey Y'all!

Well, I hope y'all are doing well! I miss you and love y'all SO much!!

This week was awesome! We got to hear from Elder Corbridge of the Quorum of the 70. He is so great! It was such a privilege to hear from him. We also committed Joe Hamilton for baptism for November 27! He is so ready but he feels like he doesn't know everything and he's not ready. But you don't have to know everything before you're baptized and he IS so ready! We are so excited for him!

So, here in little ol' Big Stone Gap, they are making a movie and Whoopie Goldberg is in it, as well as Ashley Judd and someone else!! So we kind of saw Whoopie Goldberg as we were leaving our apartment!!! It was SOOO cool except we didn't get a picture because we were in the car going somewhere. SO lame! Haha but it's kind of cool. Everyone is going crazy and always talking about the movie.

Then we had this ward Halloween party and it was a mess...that goes to show that Bishopric shouldn't plan parties...But it was super fun we had a chili cook off, a cake walk, talent show, and games for little kids. It was awesome! Sister Cady and I performed an awesome version of Nephi's Courage with the ukulele because Sister Cady is legit like that and can play it! So we have tons of fun up here in Powell Valley Ward! haha. It was a lot of fun.

Yesterday we had a phenomenal lesson with some non members who aren't our investigators technically. They are up here half the time and in Kingsport, Tennessee half the time. So the Kingsport Sisters are technically teaching them, but we gave them an awesome lesson about the Restoration and I mean we ROCKED it! they felt the Spirit and I think we can get Hunter (10 yr. old) to be baptized and hopefully the girl and mom that was there. 

So transfers are Nov. 18. So Sister Cady might be leaving. I'm SOOO sad. I don't want her to leave let alone Train someone else fresh from the MTC. I have no idea what i'm doing...yeah we'll see how that train wreck goes...haha no but it will be fine...hopefully. Pray for me...haha. But it was a great week. By the end of the week, I'm just exhausted hard core! So i'm glad I get to take naps on P-days or else I might die! haha.

I know that this church is true. With all my heart. As I teach it to people and they feel the Spirit, I feel it so much. The Spirit testifies of truth and I love being out here. It's fun, but stressful at the same time. But I love it. Through my short-comings, I am finding the joy. I know this gospel is God's church and is a church of joy and happiness. I'm so grateful that I have it.

So that was my week. I hope y'all are doing well! I miss you guys SO much and I love you even more! Hope y'all have a great week!

love always,
Sister Burr 

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