Monday, October 21, 2013

Things Are Getting Better!

Well Way to make me bawl my eyes out, Mom! hahaha.
Sister Cady wonders why I cry so much and I think I got it from you :)

I can't tell you the peace and happiness I felt as I read this email! It is soo amazing! I'm so very happy for all of them (Brandee and Dave)!  I love, love, love, LOVE all the pictures you sent! Trent's hair is so long! That is crazy! And everyone looks so happy! It makes my heart happy! I wish I could be there but there isn't anywhere I'd rather be right now than out here serving the Lord!

This week was different because Sister Cady has been sick all week. We think she had the flu or pneumonia so we actually spent a lot of time in our apartment as she rested. So, I just studied the BOM for hours! haha It was great! Or I read the book Dad gave me, The Infinite Atonement. It is SUCH an amazing book. I've learned so much from it! 

So we saw people and nothing crazy really happened this week! Me and Sister Cady are goof balls together. She reminds me a lot of you. And I got your letter the other day, I know. I think of myself as the most accepting person too, but like I said, I wasn't myself when I first got out here. So, it was just a rough start for both of us. So I've just learned to love her in a way I didn't think you could love someone. I love her so much! I don't know how I would be a good missionary without her! Sister Cady is amazing. She is a photographer! Can you add her as one of my friends on Facebook? And look up her blogs! They are awesome! She started a photo campaign about kids with Down Syndrome and her blog is called Beautiful Just the Way I am. It is great!

I'm just learning out to be a better teacher, and quite frankly, I'm getting pretty good, If i do say so myself :) Trust me mom, I'm not the strongest person out there, I am strong because of the Lord. That is seriously the only way I have been able to stay out here and do anything. I can't even tell you how grateful I am for Christ and His Atonement! it is truly amazing what we have in our church, the love and hope we have that some other churches don't have! We are so, so, very blessed.

You should show the kids some of the Mormon Messages on They are seriously so good! You need to watch them as well! Watch Esther and Mountains to Climb. They make me cry every time! Our church is unreal! And it's so happening! FUNKY FRESH! For real, though! Man, it's like the church is true or something. ;)

I miss you and love you so much Mom. I think of you every day and how simply blessed and lucky I am to have you as my mom. I don't know what I would do without you, seriously. I want to be a mother like you because you have done more than a phenomenal job. Look at your offspring, they are pretty much the coolest kids around the block huh? Yeah, I'd say so. I love you so much!

And tell the kids I love them SO much and I miss them all! I hope you got my letter, I sent it Thursday, I think? I wrote all of you a letter. I love you and miss you more than anything! Thank you for all you do.

Love always,
Sister Burr

This girl is so cute! Her name is Anna and she is 11. She has an older sister named Alysha and a younger brother named Jesse! They are the cutest kids ever! I love them! They all want to be baptized, but their parents won't let them because they had a bad throw down with past missionaries. But, they are so great haha :)

hahaha So, we found this picture in an antique shop! Oh my gosh. Funniest, weirdest thing ever. We died laughing.

This is right behind our church! so pretty.

These pics don't do it justice!

It's sooo pretty here! I think this is the best one!

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