Monday, September 23, 2013

Cake, Confidence, and Kudzu!

This week has been good! Kind of a hilarious story. So, the senior missionary couple that lives across the hall from us, we decided we want to make a mayo cake. It sounds REALLY gross, but it's REALLY good (:  It's a cake mix, 3 eggs, 1 cup of water, and 1 cup mayo. It's good. SO we decided we needed something to celebrate. So we added all of our ages up, us and the senior couple, it was about 180 candles, so we went and got 180 candles and put them all on the cake. we made it pretty too! like we put little chocolate chips on the side. We took way too much time on this, haha and then we put the candles REALLY close together, like it was crazy. Then we lit them up and we didn't know the flame would be so high.....ya we didn't figure that out...hahaha. Then we had to carry it across the hall, so I was holding the cake and I tried to run with it, but the flames were getting in my face, then the fire alarm started going off, so we hurried across the hall and their faces, oh my gosh, SO funny. then we tried to blow out the candles and it wouldn't work...hahaha so basically we were in a panic, but they went out, man it was hilarious.

But as for being a missionary, I have been struggling with speaking during lessons, because I'm so shy and I don't know what to companion had to finally say "hey, I can't do this alone, you have to step it up". And I'm like, "I'm sorry I suck at life"!  I've had really low self confidence about everything while being on a mission.... feeling inadequate, not meeting any of the expectations. and just feeling like I just don't have it in me to do this. BUT through prayer and reading the scriptures, I've gained that confidence. Like I read D&C 60:2-3 and it basically said if you don't open your mouth and use your abilities, they will be taken away from you, so HAVE FAITH! That has really hit me and pushed me to talk more, but it's been hard. Every time I get scared to say something in the lesson, I just think, Just have faith in Jesus, just have faith in Jesus, just have faith in Jesus! hahaha. Because people here are just SO, you know, like "Praise Jesus!" and so we always say Jesus loves you! to EVERYONE haha it's really funny. So I say that all the time now. Sac-religious?...maybe..but I don't think so! we all love Jesus! hahaha(: And then we have been seeing lots of less active members and there has been lots of homes where there is just a bad feeling in there and the energy is so's really been a strength builder. Other than that, we've just been teaching and spreading the good word of God(:  I'm getting better at this whole missionary thing. I can't believe i've been out for almost 6's kinda really crazy!
So ya, It's been great! I miss you and love you all so much! tell EVERYONE I said hello! and Jesus loves you! haha. 

So this stuff that looks like a blanket on the trees, it's called Kudzu, it's a Japanese weed that has come over here and it grows over everything but it kills all the trees, it's pretty in a weird way. it's everywhere here! I just thought that was cool.
The 180 Candle Cake after blowing out the candles :)
Our first bottle of franks- finished it in 4 weeks!

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