Thursday, June 12, 2014

June 2, 2014 and June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014

Well we had a good week this week! It was a different week because we spent a lot of time trying to find new people and as well as meeting people on the directory that we have never met before. But we also had George come to church again this week!! 4th time in a row :) yay! and also the Lanes came to church!!! I can't even express my happiness!!! ahh! We were so happy :) It was a great Sunday and a great week! 

I don't have too much other to report this week because we have been trying to find new people and trying to help less active members come to church, like the Lanes and George. We have seen success this week :)
We tried to go see the new investigators we had last week and they went out of town and we found some other new people but we will try again this next week or coming weeks.

I know Jeremy Beyer will be reading this, so shout out to him. :) Because of him, I learned a very valuable lesson this week. I have learned even more the importance of forgiveness and becoming more like Christ and loving everyone and not judging them.

Me and Sister Shurtleff are doing great as always! She's helped me get through things and helped me  become who I need to become! she's fantastic!

I love you and miss you!

Love always,
Sister Burr

June 2, 2014

Well this week was great! We got 2 new investigators this week! Well, really, one new one but I'll explain that really fast.  So, we went to Spring city and Sister Shurtleff and I went back and taught her about the Book of Mormon and she said we could come back and teach her about what we believe and where the Book of Mormon came from! So new investigator! whoo! The 2nd one isn't exactly one yet, but we were helping Jeannie Hill do service this past Saturday, painting her house and after we left and there was a neighbor who asked how much we charged and Jeremy Beyer said we charge a lesson about our church. Jeremy is great. haha and she said that she would love for us to come over and help her for a little bit and she would love to hear more! So, it was fantastic way to find new investigators! So we are going there this Saturday and hopefully will be able to teach her! So it was a great week! We had good opportunities to find more people to teach and had some success with a less active family, Robbie and Kim.  They weren't at church, but Robbie got a job and he said he will really try to be at church this next week and we have seen a change in him since we helped them out with cleaning their house.

We will also try to see more of Al and Malika.  They have been busy trying to move and her moving her store. So, they have been really busy. But they are so ready for the gospel! We are hoping to get over there this week and teach them! They are so great and looking for a different church. She shared with us her favorite scripture out of the Bible, James 1:5 and we lit up while she read it. We told her that because of that scripture, it prompted Joseph Smith to go and ask. It was great! They are great people and have great hopes for them.

Sister Shurtleff and I are doing great. With last Sunday that happened, I wasn't on my game. I have learned that I need to focus on and work on patience.  I am usually a patient person. Sister Shurtleff is so great and works with me on the things I need to work with and she is honestly an amazing companion. She is loving, understanding, funny, knows her purpose here as a missionary. She is spectacular! I just love her to death! We get along SO great and work together so well. We are very unified as a companionship. It's so great. I love it! 

I'm doing great. I have a new found faith on making mistakes and having them help us to become better. I have a new testimony of that. No one is perfect. everyone messes up, it's not our place to judge. We are expected to forgive and love EVERYONE. I have truly found the importance of being a missionary. It's so important and I love it.
WELL, another day in the life of Sister's very exciting let me tell you! NEVER  a dull moment in Rockwood! haha. you GOTTA love it!!
anyways, I love you and miss you!

Love always,
Sister Burr.

Tell the boys I miss them very, very much and I love them sooo much!

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