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May Emails

May 26, 2014

Well we had a good week this week.  We were able to do lots of service this week and meet lots of new people and many potential investigators! We are excited to be working with more people.  We have the opportunity to go to a Rockwood City lunch this next Friday and there will be LOTS of people from Rockwood there, which will be so good. It will be a great finding opportunity.

We had Branch Conference this past Sunday.  We had Kaileigh come to church again today! Jaydon invited her last week and she came again this week! We asked her if we could teach her and she said that she would love it except her mom has no idea she is coming to the LDS church and she against Mormons.  So we were really sad about that, but we're still trying to figure that out. We are really hoping to be able to teach her. She is an awesome young girl! 

We have been struggling with people to teach lately, but we have been doing worth-while things and we are trying so hard to find more people. I want to teach more people and I know we'll find them, it just takes faith, enduring to the end, and working hard. 

Sister Shurtleff and I are doing so great! This past Sunday I offended a recent convert and it was not intentional at all...and it wasn't a good day for me...haha but everything is okay now, we got everything worked out and all is forgiven and forgotten.  It just really shows me what the Lord knows I can handle.  I've done lots of growing this week because of it. I've learned how to use the Atonement more in my life.  I'm grateful for the Atonement and the power that we are able to forgive ourselves for mistakes we have made and to help others to come closer to Christ.

Even though every area has ups and downs, I love my area, I love my companion. I love being a missionary! Wouldn't trade it for the world!
I miss you guys so much and I'm sad I'll be missing this summer with all of y'all! I hope y'all have a great week and keep reading the scriptures and praying together!

Love y'all!

Love always,
Sister Burr

May 19, 2014

We had a good week this week! Many unexpected things happened! haha. We had a slow week this week.  We are helping our recent converts stay active and great! We are helping them to continue working on their life long conversion! George came to church again!!!!! We were SO happy about that!! We have worked so long and hard with him! And he is coming back :) It is such a great feeling to help someone come back to the gospel! And with Sister Cady, I knew lots about that :) How great of an experience that can be! It really helps my faith grow that anyone can change. It just takes the Spirit! Honestly! that is the only thing that can change people's hearts and help them to feel the love of God!

We had a youth, Jaydon, invite a friend to church yesterday, Kaylie, and she brought her "aunt" (there aren't technically related but she owns her as an aunt) and her name is Robin.  They came to church and we brought Robin to Gospel Principles and the lesson was pretty much the Restoration! It was a perfect lesson for her! and there were many in attendance yesterday! It was great! (and just to church in general. There were LOTS of less active members that came!! it was REALLY awesome!). So anyways, she had so many questions and was a bit overloaded with information so me, Sister Shurtleff and Elder Hunt told her that you don't have to know everything right now and you can learn it for yourself! That is what we are out here doing! Helping people come unto Christ and learning of His gospel. 

Then we went to Relief Society and it started off good. They asked if she had any questions, because the Spirit World had come up, and remember, Robin has NEVER heard anything about LDS church before. So this is ALL new info to her. and she starts asking questions. At this point, Sister Shurtleff and I took her out and Sister Woods came with us, an excellent member, and we taught her the Plan of Salvation and helped answer her questions! It was very spirit-led! It was a crazy, great experience! Robin lives in the Elders area, so hopefully they get a new investigator out of that. and Kaylie, Jaydon Woods' friend, said she will DEFINITELY come back and she lives in our area! So we are hoping to start teaching her! So it was a crazy day yesterday but a great day!
We also hope to get back with Al and Malika this week! She invited us over for a lunch this week and we are planning on teaching her the Restoration! So we have good things happening this week.
Obviously we are still looking for people to teach. We are trying to see new people and trying to help the work speed up in our area.  

Sister Shurtleff and I are doing great! I just love her to death! She has taught me so much. She is a great missionary! We are both working on OYMing more this week and hope to find some new investigators! 

I'm doing well. I again have realized that you just have to make the best of what you go through.  Life is what you make it. Same goes for a mission. It's what you make it! And even though bad things happen, the show still goes on and you have to find joy in the journey!

Love always,
Sister Burr

May 12, 2014

We were able to have a great lesson with George and HE CAME TO CHURCH!! When he walked in, me and Sister Shurtleff were screaming for joy inside! He hasn't been to church since August when he was baptized! It was so great. Us 4 missionaries spoke in sacrament for Mother's day. It was great. We all did very well. We centered it around mothers but we also talked about things we knew our Branch needed help with! Sister Shurtleff talked about Christlike love and I talked about Forgiveness and Elder Hunt talked about Pride, and Elder Stanger talked about agency and obedience. So it was a good meeting. but we were so happy George came to church!
We are excited for this new transfer that is ahead of us! we are excited to continue to teach Al and Malika! 

And nothing went wrong and we saw lots of people and had progress with many! So we had a great week all and all. Me and Sister Shurtleff are doing great. I just love her so much! 

It was so great to Skype my family! I miss them so much! I forgot how weird they are :) hahaha. but that just means that I am that weird too! :) haha.
I still can't believe Kylie is going to south Africa....CRAZY!! i'm so jealous!!
Well I miss you guys so much! I love you guys so much!!
Hope you guys have a great week! Love you!

Love always,
Sister Burr

May 5, 2014

Well we had a great week this week! We don't have a whole lot to report on this week...we just did our usual thing. We saw basically the same people we do every week...which I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but we are working with lots of less active members. Oh, something great was that we saw our new investigators! Al and Malika! They are so great. They have been looking for another church to go to and they asked us lots of questions and the spirit was guiding us so much! it was so great! We have such great hopes for them! Great things are happening here!

I am staying in Rockwood for 6 more weeks! With Sister Shurtleff! We're both staying! It's a miracle! Prayers do get answered :) haha. I'm so grateful I get to spend another transfer here in Rockwood! I love Sister Shurtleff and I couldn't ask for a better companion! We get along so great and I love her so much! I am too blessed!

Something I realized, which is bad because I keep re-realizing that I can do this thing called missionary work! I get down about it, lose confidence, but then I realize that I have the Lord on my side. I can become who he needs me to become, who my companion needs and who the people or Rockwood need. Serving a mission honestly has been the best decision I've ever made! I love sharing the gospel and helping others come unto Christ!

MOTHERS DAY IS THIS NEXT WEEK!! I'm super excited to talk to my family!! haha. It will be great!! 
I miss y'all so much! I can't wait to talk to y'all on sunday :) I will send you another email about what time would work for you.

I love you and miss you so much! 
Good job on graduating, mommy :) Love you!

Love always,
Sister Burr

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