Thursday, July 31, 2014

The rest of June emails!!!

June 30, 2014

My week was good! Some of the people we are working with: we got new investigators this week from a Media Referral. Their names are Nora and Josh. They are VERY promising! And we have high hopes for that :) We have Anthony and Tina and hope to keep working with them. We had a good week of finding people. Not much has changed. But we really did have a good week of seeing different people and finding potential investigators.

I am working on working diligently and having more faith. I have been here for 7 months already and I have seen lots of potential and then lack faith in some. So I am working on having more faith.

This is a really short email...I don't know what else to say! Just that the Lord really knows what I’m going through. He understands struggle...struggle is necessary for change and growth. It helps us change into who we need to be. I keep saying that every week is a growing week but it's so true...Every day is a different mountain to climb....but that is what is so awesome about a mission.  Every day is different, even though we do the same things every day. It's a new experience. I have learned so much about patience. Patience in myself and with the work. Everything is beautiful in the Lord's timing.

Oh, and probably the best part of my week: Lizzy Cady came to visit me :) my mission mom! And one of my best friends! I love her so much. It was SO good to see her! It made my entire week! I love that girl :)
I know that the Lord sees everything that we do. We're never alone. He’s always, always, always, by our side.

I heard the best Southern phrase the other week: "I'm more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs." hahaha it was soooooo funny :) I love it! I love the South!

Other than was the usual :) haha.
I miss you and love you so much!!
President and Sister Irion go home tomorrow :( and President and Sister Griffin and their 3 daughters are coming!
Hope you have a great week! Tell all the family I miss them and are thinking of them and I love them!

Love always,
Sister Burr

June 23, 2014

Well our week was crazy! Transfers. Way crazy! So I'm very sad to see Sister Shurtleff leave, but I know she is doing great things! I miss her, but I love Sister Crapo!!! She is so awesome! She is very positive and so great! I love her already. She is 21, and from Holliday, Utah (SLC)
Her name is pronounced Cray-po not Crap-o :) haha She's gotten it all her life! So funny :)
She's the sweetest! She is so awesome. I'm excited to work with her!
We were able to find new investigators this week! 3 actually. Super awesome! It makes me think that I’ve been doing something wrong here...just kidding :) haha But really, it is a great success that we found them!

It's been crazy because I’ve been trying to show Sister Crapo around and so we saw tons of people, which is good! She is slowly adjusting but she is doing great!

I am excited for this new transfer that will help me grow so much, I can already tell that it is going to be a growing transfer, but it will be a good one.

Other than that, we are doing great! It's been a rough week, just with so many changes, but I'm doing well. I have a newfound feeling of responsibility to do the work! So everything is going great!

My birthday was was just like any other day! There isn't anything I’d rather do on my birthday, so it was great :) I got a Hardee's (it's like Carl's Jr.) milkshake. They are sooooo good. So that is all I really wanted for my bday :) hahaha it was great. And I drank Dr. Pepper, which was SO good. I love that stuff ha!

Other than's been the same. Same old missionary work!
I love you and I miss you so much!
Hope you have a good week!
Love you!

Love always,
Sister Burr

June 16, 2014

Transfers are this week. I'm staying in Rockwood! Again. hahaha Goodness. I thought for sure I’d be leaving, but nope I'm staying in Rockwood again!

Sister Shurtleff is leaving!! I'm sooooooooo sad. She’s amazing, but I know she's going off and doing great work in another area. She won't be able to get rid of me, I’ll stalk her, cuz I love her :) hahaha. And they are transferring both the Elders, so I’m taking over the area…. all. by. my. self. I’m. so. scared!!! Goodness....but I’ll be fine. Everyone is gonna look to me to know what to do, and I’m like, ummm...President Irion are you sure you want to do that? umm...are you sure? hahaha. ahh! I’ll be good though :) it will definitely be a growing and learning experience.

Geroge F. came to church again! 5th time! We are soo happy about that! and Sallie came to church. So yeah, we had a good Sunday.
We had a really good week, we helped at the Poke Salad Festival in Harriman, Tennessee, and it was SOO fun! We served up some Poke!! (Google it. haha :) it's pretty much like spinach). And we got to meet SO many people!! I handed out like 15 pass-along cards!! It was great :) so hopefully something comes from that :)

Other than that, it was a good week! Same old stuff happening here! Trying to find more people to teach and all that great missionary stuff! I love it so much :)

It’s gonna be weird having a birthday as a missionary, but whatever. All I want for my birthday is to spread the gospel! SO that is what I get to do :) yay!

Love always,
Sister Burr

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