Monday, June 2, 2014

March 24th and 31st

March 31

Well this week was good! We had a good week. It was a slower week. But it was good!

We got to do a color run this week!! We got to throw the chalk on people as they ran! It was so fun :) It was great!! haha.

The Women’s conference was SOO good! I loved it! It was great to see all the women gathered together!! It was awesome :)

We saw lots of people, which is good! It was sad because we didn't have Sister Turner with us! Everyone misses her a lot! And we miss her a lot, too. We love her! So, it has been an adjustment not having her here, but we are still doing great as ever. I love Sister Shurtleff so much! She is such an inspiration to me! She is a great companion and a great teacher! She's just great!

We were able to do lots of service this week in the community and help some less active members with service and we had a great lesson with George! The spirit was so strong, it was definitely spirit-led, and we were very unified as we were teaching! It was a great lesson!

We are striving to find other people to teach. We have found through members some potential investigators and some old records of people we could teach. We are teaching Miss Dian (the sweetest Baptist lady you could EVER know) and JJ. He's 10 and we have a baptismal date, but we will have to push it back because he isn't ready yet. So we will continue to work with them. We have made some great transfer goals as a companionship and hope to be even stronger as a companionship.
I'm still working on becoming a better leader and how to have unity with my companion and with the people I teach.

I'm very excited for this transfer. I love my companion, my area and the time I have to serve her. I hope to be a more effective teacher and companion!

Sorry this email is short! There wasn't much that happened this week! There are points where your mission goes by so fast and then so slow! It’s just the ups and downs of a mission! Just like life!
I love you so much and I miss you so much! More than I can express! Hope you have a great week!
Love you so much!
Love always,
Sister Burr

March 24

I am sad to see Sister Turner leave! She is being transferred to a new area! I love her so much.  She will continue to do great things on her mission and in her life! I will miss her dearly.  I am excited to stay with Sister Shurtleff, though. She is so great and we're not picking up a 3rd companion. So it's just gonna be me and Sister Shurtleff! It is the end of Sister Shurtburner haha… all of our names put together. Pretty much the most legit companionship name ever :) haha. :)

We had a good week this week! We went on exchanges this week with Sister Malloy! She is great.  It was a very successful exchange because we were busy all day and had lots of great lessons! I learned from Sister Malloy different ways about how to teach the Plan of Salvation, reading the scriptures, and about prayer.  She is a great missionary. I love her a lot, even though I spent 24 hours with her! We just have so many great missionaries here in the Great Tennessee Knoxville Mission!

Zone meeting was great! I loved all the trainings that were given. I like the different approaches that they took to help us apply the trainings. So it was a good day!

We are now teaching JJ, helping him toward baptism. (Denise's son). He's 10 years old. He is set for April 12.  He was asking Jeremy Beyer (a awesome member) about his desktop screen on his computer and it was the Plan of Salvation, and he was asking where his dad was because he died last year. Jeremy was able to answer some questions and suggested he meet with us and so that is that! It's great. I've never taught a child before, and it's been interesting.  It really makes you simplify your teaching even more, which it should be in the first place! So, it's been a great learning experience so far!

We have lots of potential investigators that we are going to see this next week. And the work here in Rockwood is going great! We are also working with lots of less active members.

I am nervous about this next transfer, not because of my companion at all! I'm not worried there. I am worried because I've never been one to take the lead, and now I feel like I have to step it up. I feel bad that I am not that way. I think it put some stress on my companions for me not taking the lead.  I want to work better about that. I want to be an outgoing missionary. So I’m working on that. I want to be a leader, to help my companion and the people I’m serving here in Rockwood. I want to be a blessing and not a burden.  I love it here in Rockwood and I hope to be more of a leader this next transfer.  I have seen miracles on my mission so far and I know that if we have faith, trust in the Lord, ANYTHING is possible. I know that.
But honestly nothing else has happened! I'm doing good. I'm growing and learning lots. Just another week. Missions are the longest, fastest experience you will ever go through. It's hard. But it's so worth it! I'm a completely different person that I was before, and that is a good thing. I'm becoming who the Lord wants me to become, and trust me, that isn't easy. It's been a hard 7 1/2 months, but probably the best in my life. Missions are hard for a reason. And it's the best thing I've ever done.

I hope you all have a great week! I miss you and love you more than you know!
Love always,
Sister Burr

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