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January 6, 2014 New Faces, Places, and Adventures.

Hey Mom!
Well I'm in my new area! I got transferred to Rockwood, Tennessee, in the Knoxville Stake. First of all, I want to say that I love my new companions! They are great! Yes I have 2! haha I'm in a trio. Sister Hollis and Sister Turner. They are the cutest girls!  And I honestly love this branch! The moment I arrived in Rockwood, I knew that I would have success here. I just got the feeling and conformation from Heavenly Father. I know this area has so much to offer and I can't wait to jump right in and do the work! I already see in my new companions what they have to offer for this area. Their strengths combined together have made great ground work with people they are working with and with me here, we can do great things. I can already feel it.  

We had lots of lessons this week. I basically went around meeting everyone they are working with.  They have GREAT potential investigators, Deron and Leighann, Jeannie, Miss Dian, and others.  We also saw lots of less active members and Teresea L. came to church after we saw her Saturday! and Flo K. came who hasn't come for 4 months or so, they are in the Elders area, but it was pretty awesome!
We are also going to try working with Megan M., she lives with Beyer family who are strong recent converts. So there is so much potential here and I already know we are going to do great things! I love this little branch! Brother Weyerman is great! He's the High Priest group leader. He is a great leader and advocate to the branch!

We have had a good week for our companionship. Getting used to a trio is different, but i've adjusted well so far. I think we are going to do great! But we all have been doing great and are continuing to strengthen each other.

Anyways. So this week. it was interesting. People here call me Sister Ice cuz of my name! ha! I like nick names! it's been very cold and stromy and icy and everyone is like "Sister Cold brought the storm with her!" haha very funny.

My goals for this area are just to get to know the potential investigators and try to teach effectively, and by the Spirit. I have gained a testimony of faith this past week. I have noticed that one of my companions is a great worker, but has lacked or maybe lost a little faith in this area, which is normal, so I do have the faith that what I say matters and that we can do great things here. To give the people here the encouragement and drive that this branch needs.  I think the branch maybe has lost sight or vision or becoming a ward and reaching out to their friends and family to bring them to the gospel. That it's not just about numbers, that these are people, children of God and that they do need our message and it's for the welfare our their souls.  I hope to be a good asset here in the branch. I have faith that I can do good things here with the help of my companions and especially with the Lord and the spirit.
I miss you so much and I love you so much!! I seriously miss you more than anything.

Love always,
Sister Burr

 Elder Crowell, Sister Burr, Elder Waring

 Chelsea and Sister Burr

 Sheela Robinett and Sister Burr

Sister Burr and Freida from the food bank where we volunteered. 

Sister Burr and Diana from the food bank. 

Sister Burr and Patty Akers 

 Sister Burr, Anna, and Jesse. I love Jesse SO much! He's Anna's younger brother. He's hilarious. I love that kid!

Sister Burr and Alysha (alicia) She's Anna and Jesse's older sister and this was later in the day because she was at the doctor.

Sister Burr and Sister Bedke. She was leaving for home that day! she completed her mission! She's so great. I love her! I went on exchanges with her once.

Last time with the Miner's!!

Last time with Sister Cady!!

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