Sunday, February 2, 2014

January 27, 2014

Dear Mommy,

Hey y'all! Well, I just want to say that I miss y'all A LOT this week. your emails make me SO happy, but make me miss you guys SO much. I can't even tell y'all. But I know i'm supposed to be out here, I don't know completely why YET but I will know. I've gotten the confirmation that I need to be out here. Thank you for being so great.

It makes me sad to not be at home. I am missing my siblings lives! ahh, It makes me really sad, But I'll be home in no time! I really miss Kylie, Ryan, Trent, and Carson. They are like my life support away from here, I love them SO much. And you too mommy! And dad. But man I miss those little munchkins!

Well, this week was good! We Saw Jeannie and tried to help her move along towards baptism! She is really come a long way. I've felt her testimony be strengthened as we have been seeing her and inviting her to read chapters from the BOM.  We are doing our best to work with her! We have made her baptism date for Feb. 8th!
We also had a great time with some non members over at a members house for dinner! We had them over for fellowship so they could know some people in the branch and get more comfortable with some people.  We have asked them to take the lessons and even taught the Restoration, but they said they don't want to take the lessons, so we are still working with them and hoping to have a good influence on them, and try to let the spirit work on them to take the lessons. 
I have been doing better about OYM! I am still not great, but practice makes perfect right? Oh and we were teaching a Chinese lady, Jesse, and we gave her a Chinese BOM and we met with her and it seemed to go very well. She called us the next day and said she's too busy to see us. We were really sad about that, but we are still gonna go over and see her and meet with her!

Other than that, it's been a pretty normal week! So I'm just trying to do my best! It's been a rough week, but a good growing, learning week! I just want to do my best and I've heard all my mission that I have such a huge potential to be so great, but I don't know how to get there exactly, still trying to figure that out. I'm growing lots and really relying on my Savior for help, because through trials, we learn and grow and become the person that Heavenly Father wants us to be. I know that for a surety. 

OHH! and for REALLY exciting news!! L. Tom Perry is coming to our mission this saturday!!! this is an email I got from my mission presdient today!

President Irion

We have an exciting opportunity this weekend with the privilege of hearing from Elders L. Tom Perry, Ronald A. Rasband, Ulisses Soares, Eric Kopischke, Rafael Pino, and Craig Zwick along with two of our Area Authorities Elders Meredith and Hymas!
Elder Zwick has informed us that there will be a Question and Answer Session. He asked that all Full Time Missionary questions be channeled through the Mission President so that we could provide a list of those questions to the brethren to help facilitate and allow questions from the congregation to come from the local leaders. Therefore, if you have a question you would like to have answered, please e-mail it to me today and I will prepare a list for the brethren.

So that is REALLY cool!! I'm SOOO excited! I get to see him in person now that I am in the Knoxville stake! they are broadcasting it to the surrouding zones in our mission and as well as the Kentucky, Lousville Mission!! SOO COOL! I'm super excited for that!!

Anyways, I love y'all so much! Don't worry about me! I'm doing great! I love being out here! I love my companions and this area! SO I'm doing good. Thank you so much for everything y'all do. It does more than you know. I miss y'all SO much and I love y'all even more!!

Love always,
Sister Burr

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