Sunday, February 2, 2014

January 20, 2014

Hey y'ins! (So funny story. People say y'ins here! They say y'all too but y'ins is more in Knoxville! haha. Like y'ins be careful!)

Hello from Rockwood!

Well things are great here. The usual missionary work. No big deal. Haha. It's freezing here, but i'm managing.
I am happy Madre. I am learning and growing and it's very hard, but it's worth every second and I love it so much even though it's hard!

This week was pretty great! Every week is great because we are here serving the Lord! We saw lots of people this week. At the beginning of the week we saw Rick and Travis. They are sooo funny! Oh my gosh. I love them so so so so so so much!!  Deron and Leighann.  We taught them the Restoration.  We taught well. But they did say at the end that they don't want to be "Mormon". So we tried our best to help resolve that concern the best we could.  They are still friends and we are going to see them still to keep in contact with them, but I don't know if they are ready yet, but we did leave a Book of Mormon with them! And they rejected it the first time, but accepted it this time. That is a huge step! so I still have faith in them!  

Then we went and saw one of our potential investigators, Towana, and we set a return appointment with her for the Restoration.  We went by later that week and she wasn't home. So we hope to see her this week.  But we had a good lesson and she seems promising.  

And we saw Denise and she is doing okay.  She still doesn't have a sure belief that there is a God. I tried my best to testify and to read scriptures to help her and she isn't buying it. But she has other priorities right now, which we are trying to help with the best we can. There is lots of WOW issues going on. She does want a stronger testimony though. As long as the desire is there, it will grow!

Then we went to Spring City and got another new investigator! Pat P.  Her husband has been a member his whole life and he refused missionaries over because he wanted to teach her himself.  But we went over and asked her if we could teach her the lessons and she agreed! So that was a good success! 

We also saw a less active member that  we haven't seen for a while and she has such a strong testimony! but her husband isn't a member and she wants to spend her time with him, while she can, they are getting older and uses that as an excuse to not come to church! it breaks my heart because she used to be in Stake leadership and I know she knows it's true.  She needs to come back to church. We are still working with her.  Then we saw Jeannie this week and resolved some concerns and she is going strong with baptism still! we are so excited for her! She doing so great! We are no longer teaching Megan. She said she's not ready. So we'll still see her. And she said she will read the Book of Mormon! so that is a great step.  

Then we got another new investigator from a member! He wants to change his life around from drugs! So he went to his aunt, who is on our branch, and she said you have to teach him asap! So that was a great tender mercy from the Lord! We are working hard out here! and the Lord truly blesses those who strive obedience, diligence and are happy during the journey.

So yeah, not too much. Just keep working with people! the Lord really loves me! that is what I have come to know! Me and my companions are doing great.  They are great missionaries. So I forgot to tell you. Sister Turner is from Kimberly, ID, by Twin Falls, and she's 21. Sister Hollis is from Palo Alto, CA and she's 34. Yes I know. I got the oldest Sister Missionary out here! crazy! But I love her so much! she goes home the same time Sister Cady does! In Feb.!! It's crazy. They are both so awesome!!

Well that is all I have for this week!! I just miss y'all and love y'ins so much!! :) haha I can't keep up with this southern terminology, so I hope you can :) haha. Have a great week and be safe! Be careful where and when you drive, be nice to each other because if anything happens to ANY of you. I'll just come home and kick your can with a possum! 

I love y'all SOOOOOO much and I miss you soooooooo much too! I love you guys more than anything.
Love always,
Sister Burr

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