Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Week in the MIssion Field

It's been soo hectic. The plane ride was crazy. I wasn't used to it, but I landed safely in Tennessee. Man, it is HOT here. I thought it would be unbearable, but it's actually alright. It's tolerable! haha. My companion's name is Sister Lizzie Cady from Pocatello, Idaho. I got assigned to the Powell Valley Ward in Big Stone Gap, Virginia!!! Crazy right?? I can't believe I'm in Virginia! It is sooo beautiful here!! And man, the accents! I can barely understand people.  

I got transferred to a area where they have NEVER had sisters before!! Crazy! So we are white washing the area. We took the Elders apartments and the Senior missionary couple was nice enough to clean it up for us, but it was still nasty!! We find things each day. We found a huge bug in the freezer and a darth vader outfit?

I have been in 4 different states within 3 days! Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky! (went there for a district meeting). Oh, and that church in Kentucky was a trailer! Literally! It's a church! It's 1 of 2 famous churches in the mission. I love being a missionary so much. This past week has been really hard. I miss you a lot and I miss home and friends a lot. but honestly, I have been so focused on the work. The last Elders had nothing in the area book... just a piece of paper with next weeks schedule and a list of investigators with no phone numbers or addresses. We were like "Alright, let's get to work!". So we've been so busy. 

The ward is just heels over head in love with us cuz they never had sister missionaries before. THEY LOVE US! My favorite reaction was in ward council meeting.  Brother Hunsucker walks in, all grumpy cuz he just woke up. Everyone says "Hi, Brady"! ( he growls and grunts)  He gets to me and Sister Cady. "Hi I'm Sister Burr. This is Sister Cady"! He gets this HUGE smile on his face! "SISTER MISSIONARIES!! Well boy, that's my kinda missionary!! WHOOOOOOEEEE!" It was SO funny! And all during testimony meeting in church...."We are ever so grateful Lord for the sister missionaries"! Man, people here are funny. 

I love the senior couple across the hall. They gave us a saying to kind of understand the drawl here. It's really how they talk.
M R ducks (them are ducks)
M R not ducks (them are not ducks)
O S M R. (Oh yes them are.)
Seriously, it's so hard to understand people. It's been really fun though. 

They seriously love us here. I get along with my companion really well. I love her. She has been out here for 13 months. She is exactly the kind of companion that has helped and taught me what I need to gain to grow into the missionary I need to be. It's been a rough week. Satan has been working on me but I refuse to give in and I'm going strong. I love the work out here. Most of the work we are doing is with less active members. 

I get called honey, sugar and baby at least 10 times a day. The smell here is of old wood and mold. EVERYWHERE. It's a small, small SMALL town, but I love it. But the smell....yuck. But seriously, the people here are poor and SO humble and it's really opened my eyes to be so grateful of how I grew up and what I was given in my life.  The people here also have the strongest testimonies. I know that I'm meant to be out here. I miss you so much. and I love you and the kids so much. Tell them I miss them and love them.

Ist MTC District

Leaving at 3:30am on August 27th

Sister Little and Sister Burr

The bug in the freezer

The bug and the darth vadar suit??? Oh, Elders.....

The famous trailer church in Harlan, Kentucky

Sister Burr and Sister Cady

With The Miners, the Senior Missionary couple. They remind me of Grandma and Grandpa Johnson. I love them!

Sister Burr and Sister Cady

Going to church!

Loving the mission!

This is where I live. In an old bus station! haha

Big Stone Gap, Virginia

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  1. We love you Sister Burr! Your family from Cali could not be more proud!