Thursday, January 29, 2015

November 17, 2014

Well we had a good week, except for the fact that Sis. Orton and I were sick...haha. Oh man, it's the first time I've been sick on my hasn't been fun :/ But I guess the Lord was telling us that we just needed to take it easy and so we did this weekend. But nothing else really happened. The only exciting things that happened were that we went back to see 2 potentials with return appointments (in the same day) and both of them had just set the Book of Mormon out on the front step, just sitting there waiting for us. And we were like....what?? No! and so we knock on the door. No answer. So we write them notes saying,  yeah we're not taking this back. We gave it to you. So read it and pray about it. Have a nice day. hahaha. Oh goodness. And then in the same day, we almost got attacked by a huuuuge pit bull!!! We were seeing another potential and the dog like slams into the door and almost breaks the glass, stares into our souls and then goes mad! and we were running for our lives. and it was soo scary. I've never been so scared of dog before...hahaha oh man! It was an adventure!
I got proposed to this week by a homeless man. It's nothing new. They always are hitting on us...but this was even more weird. Fred asked me when my mission was over, and I said in Feb. and he said, so when is our romance going to start? You need to marry a rich, smart, republican! and I said, well that ain't you! sorry! and he said sure I am! come on! you can marry me! hahahaha oh goodness. You gotta love people :)
I read a talk that changed my life this week. It is called Becoming Perfect in Christ by Elder Gerrit W. Gong. Sis. Orton showed it to me after I had been complaining about that we weren't doing enough or we needed to be doing more. After reading this talk, I realized that what I am doing right now is enough and that I am enough as myself, Sister Burr and I have a wonderful power about myself and what we are doing right now is enough. Perfection is not achievable in this life. We can't keep worrying about being perfect. Something I have been struggling with, and I didn't even know it. Sis. Orton has helped me out so much and helped me change into the person I need to be and helping me realize that I need to change my thinking about myself, and not putting myself down. It's been a struggle but a blessing at the same time! Blessings in disguise :) Being myself is the best thing I can do! and so I'm working on that :)
I love my mission and my companion! Even though we were sick, we had a good week :) Andrew is still good for Nov. 29! and we're excited for him! and Amanda is set for baptism on Dec. 20! so we're doing great things over here and I'm loving it :)

I love you and miss you so much! tell everyone I said Hi and i miss them and love them!
Love always,
Sister Burr

 Paul Lanctot made this wonderful dinner for us! he's the best :)

we bought matching shirts and gave blood :) so much fun!

 This is Don Mencl. he's so awesome! he was investigating the church but he's not interested right now. but he still comes to fast sunday because he likes hearing testimonies :) super awesome! I love Don!

 Sis. Crapo and I went on exchanges! sooo much fun :) i love her so much!

Sis. Crapo, me, Sis. Little (my MTC companion) and Sis. Orton! crazy! they have all been my companions :)

 We're adorable :)

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