Thursday, January 29, 2015

November 10, 2014


What a week! It was one of the best weeks I've had on my mission :)

I'll just tell some of the highlights! I gave blood this week :) It was soo fun!!! I love giving blood!! hahaha. Pretty great stuff! We had zone meeting this week and it was a powerful meeting. President Griffin got up and asked if anyone had any last questions because he had to get to another meeting. One missionary got up and asked, "How can I better see people through Christ's eyes?" and we all talked about it as missionaries and then President gets up and refers to Moroni 7:44-47. He talked about charity and how we must love them. It says in verse 44 that if he bear witness of Jesus Christ, it must needs be that he have charity. Then he said, "You know I have noticed one thing about your generation and it's not good. Your generation seems to beat themselves up more than any other generation.  You don't love yourselves. If you want to love other people, you have to look in the mirror and love that person more than anyone else. If you want to love other people, you must first have to love yourself. Love is the answer! And if you want to see people as Christ does, you must know who Christ is. So get to know him. It was a great meeting!

Then I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with my old companion, Sis. Crapo!!!! We had WAAY too much fun :) It was the best! We were able to find 4 new people to teach and have another baptismal date with Amanda Clay! She is so sweet and awesome!

This week hasn't been amazing just because the success we've been able to see, but the real success has been me getting over some trials and seeing myself grow and become a better, more Christ-like person! I've seen how much the Lord really loves me! He loves all of us so much!

I have the best companion in the world! Sister Orton. We are honestly the same person! She is so kind, hilarious, loving, an AMAZING teacher and missionary! I just love her sooo much!! We are like instant best friends! She's amazing!

I honestly just love my life right now! I am so blessed and the Lord has blessed us so much! He truly cares about us individually!

I also had to give a talk in sacrament meeting! On Rescue In Unity from General Conference! and it was a great talk actually! I was nervous as heck! But man we had an amazing week!

I miss you and love you so much!!!!!!! I can't wait until I come home :) I miss you so much!
I hope everything was great this week!
You're the best mom in the entire world!
I love you so much!
Love always,
Sister Burr

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