Thursday, December 18, 2014

October 27, 2017

Well this week was just amazing!
We had transfers this week and I was really sad to see Sis. Merrell go! :( I miss her so much. She's so great and she is in Chattanooga now and she is loving it!

I got Sis. Orton! She is so awesome! She is actually from the Colorado Springs Mission! She got transferred here to our mission because we were short on sisters and she was willing to move to a different mission! It's very rare for that to happen! But she's here and I love her! We are honestly like the same person. It's crazy. We like EVERYTHING the same! She's so great :) and we had a great week this week!

We had a ward Halloween party and we had Paul Lanctot and his wife Terry come and he hasn't been to church over 30 years! And he is coming back strong! And I just love him :) We're teaching his wife Terry! She's so great :) I love both of them! They came to the party and he came to church yesterday :) and it was amazing to see him there and see his progress and his love for the gospel!

I know the Lord is expecting much of me at this time, trying to find people and helping those to progress toward baptism and I know that I need to step up to the plate and work diligently until the end! because I only have so much time left! The Lord is definitely aware of us in our challenges! He loves us, and that is an honest blessing.
I love this work and it's very hard, but it's so worth it.

Love always, 
Sister Burr

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