Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Two Weeks Worth of Emails


Hey ya'll!
I love all the pictures from Kylie's birthday! That is so fun!! They all are so cute! Well, this week was a great week. Well, I’m staying in Virginia for another 6 weeks! We got the transfer calls and we are staying put! We were shocked because Sister Cady has trained her whole mission (just moved every 12 weeks). So, now we are together another 6 weeks! Whoo! We are excited.

We showed Chelsea and Jody the Restoration video last Monday. They really liked it and it was at a member's home. It was a great lesson.  I know that I can be a great missionary. I want to get there and I know I can.  That's why I have come to know how important diligence, patience, and charity are because some things in this life are hard to learn but we are able to grow in our capabilities because of it and reach our potential. 

We met an awesome potential investigator this week! We just felt prompted to eat at Huddle House and we ended up giving our number and a pass along card to our waitress. She said that she wasn't even supposed to come into work today, that this wasn't her regular section to work and it was truly a sign from the Lord and we totally agree with her! So, it was an awesome success. 

Chelsea and Jody are really progressing. Jody still isn't 100% about getting baptized but he believes that God will help him reach that point for Dec. 7th and Chelsea is on FIRE! She wants to get baptized like NOW. She has already researched where the closest temple is and wants to go and we are like ahhh! You’re great! We are soo excited for them!

Sister Cady and me are just great! We were both SUPER surprised when we found out both of us would be staying! We didn't expect that at all, because she has trained her entire mission. So it was a nice surprise! I love her and I'm glad we get to work together longer. I am very happy about it! We will try our best to keep the work progressing in Powell Valley Ward.  We know that there is a reason we have been kept here, maybe it's for Chelsea and Jody, or for members in the ward. We don't know, all we know is that the Lord knows all things.  There is a purpose for everything in our lives, people, trials, and miracles.

I love being a missionary so much.  I definitely know my weaknesses, but they are slowing progressing into strengths.  I know that I'm supposed to be ME and not someone else, I’m growing and learning so much.

Other than that, it's been nothing new! It's getting pretty cold here, but no snow yet! OH, and I forgot until now. We volunteer at a food bank twice a week. They had 60 minutes come and do a story on it and so I’m going to be on TV!! WHOO! REPRESENT! So you should watch it and tell me if they put me on it or not! It will be about Norton, Virginia Food Bank or Big Stone Gap. So, yeah.

Oh we had a baptism this last Saturday, his name is Liam and he's 8. The Miner's were working with him so it's not technically our baptism. hahaha. But it was a great baptism!!

I know how important reading the scriptures is and it's strengthened my testimony SO much.  Ya’ll should read Alma 32 together as a family. It's about faith.  I know that if we even have nothing but a desire to know more, God will give it to us.

I miss you guys SO much. I love you even more. Tell the kiddos that I just love them more than anything. I love you so much mom! I miss you guys SO much! I love ya'll.

Love always,
Sister Burr.


Hi Mommy :)

AHH I’m so excited for Laurel Wells! That makes me SO happy!! That is sooo awesome! She’s going to be an amazing missionary!

Hahaha thank you for the smelly feet thing and the pepper jack enchiladas, haha I won't mix them up :) silly mom.
Well, I sent Kylie a card for her birthday, so check your mail, mother! haha. Tell her I said happy birthday tomorrow and I love her and miss her so much!

Oh boy was this a crazy week!
This week was just great! Last Monday, we met with Chelsea and Jody Lewis. We taught them the Plan of Salvation. It went really well and they made an appointment the same week! That is good sign. I've heard everyone that does, gets baptized. So we set an appointment for a church tour on Friday.  Although we didn't get a lot of lessons in all together, it was a successful week because we committed Chelsea and Jody for baptism after our church tour on Friday.  It was a great success, the church tour, the spirit was strong and everything fell into place and we committed them.  We are also making progress with Joe Hamilton. He is losing the desire to smoke and almost feels sick when he smokes! He is making lots or progress. Chelsea and Jody had a good experience at church.  We asked them to come to church with a question and she got her answer and she said it was practically slapped in her face in each meeting. But it was a good thing. We are having a meeting with them tonight and watching the Restoration video because Jody didn't get to be in the Restoration lesson and it's at a member's house.

Me and Sister Cady are just doing great as always, I'm getting better at this whole missionary thing and taking the lead as well.  I know I have the ability within me; it's just a lack of confidence still.  But Sister Cady has helped me grow so much! I love her so much! We get along so great and work well together in teaching lessons, even though I don't talk predominately, I talk and it flows really well.

I want to be my best and who the Lord wants me to be.  I'm coming to realize though that I am a good missionary and I can be my best and have confidence by just loving others as Christ would and be who I am because the people here need me to be me.  That is my biggest thing is just over coming my shyness.  I want it to be gone because I want to be outgoing and bold, inviting and friendly.  I'm really pulling from within myself.  And that's the part that is trying my patience is that it's a process and it comes over time. It's a true blessing to see how much the Lord trusts me to be out here and how much he loves me. He is my strength. I am NOTHING without Him.

I love you so much and miss you so much! I can't believe I’ve been out almost 3 months! It's gone by SO I’ll be home in a jiffy! haha Remember to keep track of any good movies or songs that come out so I can watch them when I get back, but I promise I'm focused out here! hahaha.

To answer your question last week, yes, they would have me train right after I’m done being trained. It’s a really scary thought but I think I can do it.  Just pray for me...haha. But it's not guaranteed.

You graduate so soon! I'm so proud of you! You can do it! I hope you guys have a wonderful week! I love you and miss y'all SO much. Hope you and the kids have a great week!  Remember to read your scriptures and pray as a family.

Love always,
Sister Burr

Fall in Virginia

Cutest baby EVER!!!!

Amazing Sunset

Our cute district!  Me, Sister Cady, Elder Crowell, Elder Waring, Elder Miner, Sister Wilken,
 Sister Miner, Elder Wilken

Sister Bohannan from the MTC...I just love her so much!!!

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